How is a Traditional Upper Blepharoplasty Different from a Supratarsal Fixation Blepharoplasty?

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Supratarsal Technique has specific Indication

Supratarsal fixation blepharoplasty is geared to recreating the eyelid crease.  It can be applied to any patient without a defined crease. Typically this type of blepharoplasty technique is applied to patients of Asian decent.

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How is a Traditional Upper Blepharoplasty Different from a Supratarsal Fixation Blepharoplasty?

 Upper Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery) is performed to reduce the amount of exces skin and fat in the upper eyelids.  The procedure can be combined with a Supratarsal (name for the cartilage plate within the upper eyelid) Fixation when it is necessary to create or re-establish the upper eyelid crease or fold.  This can be in cases where a "floating" crease exists (in roughly 30 % of Asians) or in cases of true eyelid ptosis where the crease weakens and becomes over-elevated creating an elongated looking upper eyelid.  

 The procedure is considerably more invasive than a standard Upper Blepharoplasty that often doesn't remove eyelid muscle.  In Fixation a strip of the muscle must be removed as well as a deeper dissection in order to reach the cartilage plate.  Sutures either permanent called "hard" fixation or dissolvable called "soft" fixation are used to secure the edges of the upper eyelid skin and muscle down to the cartilage plate thus creating the upper eyelid fold.  Since it is more invasive, additional swelling post Blepharoplasty is to be expected.

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Supratarsal fixation vs Traditional Blepharoplasty

   Traditional upper blepharoplasty may include skin, muscle and fat resection, while supratarsal fixation refers to fixation or creation or a fold or crease in the upper eyelid.

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Standard blepharoplasty and supratarsal fixation

Supratarsal fixation is commonly done for patients of Asian descent who are undergoing eye surgery to creat a "double lid."

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Eyelid surgery techniques

Supratarsal fixation blepharoplasty is commonly performed in Asians to create a double fold eyelid crease in someone who otherwise lack the upper lid crease (monolids).  However this technique can also be applied to aged non-Asian patients to achieve a crisp upper lid fold.  Tradtional blepharoplasty involes removing redundant skin and muscle only.

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