Weight loss after gynecomastia surgery?

I m 26 years old. Was 104 kg and after dieting now 78. Had gynecomastia problem and removed 2 weeks ago by surgery. (liposuction, gland removal, nipple elevation). Breasts are now adjusted with 78kgs body. Question is, if i lose 10kg more will my breast be adjusted with 68 kgs body?

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Dieting and Weight Loss After Gynecomastia Surgery

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Well, there is always the consideration that your original surgery was only intended to work with your body weight at that time. I know with my patients I usually recommend that they reach their desired weight or at least close before going into surgery. Weight loss can tend to cause excess flexibility and saggy breasts, which may revert the effectiveness of the procedure you have already had. You may get a better final answer from your own surgeon, though. Good luck.

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