Hair loss started after straightening hair. Will PRP work on me?

I does not have genetic problem. In 2011 i straighted my hair with chemical product after 2 month i started losing my hair cause chemical was masked everywhere along with my scalp.till then 6 years now my hair is still falling and became very thin.suffering with deep dandraff,root pain,hairfall. also baby hair grows so weak that if i pull my baby hair(Pulling not that hard) it comes in my hand. Does prp will work on me or i need different treatment.pls help me.thank you

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See a hair loss physician

From what you describe I agree with you that your hair loss does not seem "androgenetic" which is the only type of hair loss that consistently responds to PRP. It sounds like you are describing a type of hair loss called "scarring alopecia" which is actually a group of disorders. These problems are not common and sometimes can only be diagnosed with biopsy. 
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