Is this an infection? (Photos)

I'm 5 weeks post breast augmentation and Mastopexy. 20 days after surgery I noticed redness, warm, swelling and pain on medium and lowest parts of breasts. Surgeon instructed to start IV antibiotics. I did that for the past 10 days. No progress. It's unstable. I'll wake up feeling good, 2 hours later I have the symptoms all over again, or I wake up feeling bad, few hours later I'm ok and so on. 1st blood test wbc 8.7, 2nd 18.7 is sign of infection, 3rd 8.9, 4th 8.4, which no sign of infection

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Infection after surgery

Thank you for your question.   The evaluation and treatment of a patient with a possible infection should be monitoring all sign and symptoms for a few weeks.   You definitely had an infection that showed a high pick on the level of the WBC count.  The decreased of the WBC is explained because of the use of the IV antibiotics for 10 days.  A revaluation of the antibiotics treatment should be done in order to get total control of the infection. Best of luck.

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Is this an infection?

Thank you for your question. As you are aware your WBC count appears normal, although your symptoms show signs of infection. Perhaps consider being reevaluated by your surgeon, you may require a change in antibiotics. 
You should be monitored and after 10 days should show an improvement of symptoms, 

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