My underarms, thighs are darker. Can I use Hydroquinoine 4%? Can I use tretinoin Retin-A cream?

AGE-19 years, Height -5.4, FEMALE. I always prefer only Doctors prescription rather than beautician creams. I will be Very Thankful for your valuable suggestion.Very thankful.

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Underarm whitening

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I would like to start of by mentioning a few possible causes of your dark underarms: 1. Underarm hair itself, 2. Using hair removal techniques like shaving or waxing which irritate the skin there, 3. Sensitivity, 4. Using deodorants. Most of these reasons are reversible and hence treatable. You can opt for laser hair removal methods instead temporary hair removal for your underarms, avoid using roll on deodorants and sprays directly on the skin, and mild exfoliation and moisturisation is a must. 

Since the skin in the underarm region is already sensitive, usage of hydroquinone and Retin- A on daily basis would only make the area more sensitive. There however are a few types of supeficial chemical peels suitable for sensitive areas, which along with topical creams would help in mainataining an even skin tone.

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