Is RF needling better treatment for atrophic acne scars than lasers? Does subcision without fillers work? What about PRP?

i had one rf needling treatment and does not see any differernce .. how many treatment does it takes to see result .. and if we want to combine prp with rf needling and should it be done before or after prp

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RF, Lasers and PRP for Scars

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Scar treatment really depends on the type of scars and often a combination approach is needed.  In my practice, I tend to use fractional lasers, often combined with subcision and PRP, more often than microneedling.  Often you will need a series of treatments, depending on how aggressive the treatments are.  Lastly, it can take time after a treatment to see results as it takes time for new collagen to form.

Good Luck!
Dr. Shah 

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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RF microneedling for atrophic scars

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In my opinion, scar treatment is based upon the types of scars. If your atrophic scars are deep, subcision and RF microneedling (Infini ) would be an excellent choice. Subcision alone may help with depressed atrophic scars. If the scars are not that deep than an ablative or non ablative laser would be helpful. We do combine RF microneedling with PRP. The PRP is used both topically and intradermally at the time of the Infini . Often times this is also combined with subcision. This seems to give us quicker healing and enhance the response. Some doctors perform infiniti with lower settings and multiple treatments. Some use a more aggressive approach and perform  the treatment in one session. Seek adoctor who has a treatment plan that is acceptable to you. Ask to see photos. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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RF, PRP, and treatments for Scars

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It would be best to post photos of the scars to help you since most people have a combination of scars.  All of these treatments can be effective depending on the scar.  Best, Dr. Green

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