I want to get veneers. I can't opt for an orthodontic treatment. (photo)

Hey. I'm 23. I have a skeletal class ii malocclusion., which has to be treatment with orthognathic surgery which i can't opt for. Can i opt for veneers without bite correction?

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Veneer may work, but more pictures are needed ... #DrSarahThompson

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I would recommend posting some more photos on RealSelf, showing more photos of your teeth.  This will allow me to better analyze your specific situation.  In the past, I have used veneers and crowns to fix some pretty pretty severe cases.  So, veneers may be an option, but it's impossible to know without more pics. 

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Veneers and orthodontics

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Try to find a qualified neuromuscular dentist in your area.  We treat these types of cases non-surgically all the time.  Some Neuromuscular dentists work with orthodontist to help you with your situation.  

Ronald Konig DDS
Houston Dentist

What about orthodontics without orthognathic surgery?

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Have you gotten a second opinion by going to another dentist or orthodontist?  It could be that there is a way of treating you with orthodontic treatment only.  I would recommend that you get additional examination and consultation.  If that results in the same recommendation of orthognathic surgery, then it may be possible to pursue a veneer treatment plan to enhance your smile.

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I want to get veneers, I can't opt for Ortho treatment

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You can get a beautiful smile with porcelain veneers, but the longevity may be compromised by your occlusion.  You should be aware that your teeth will need to be prepared(filed down, drilled) for porcelain veneers that will look great and not be bulky. Because of your young age(23), you are susceptible to more sensitivity from the procedure than an older person.  You should also be aware that porcelain veneers will not last your entire lifetime, and may need to be replaced several times(every 10 - 20 years, or sooner because of your occlusion).  You might want to consider cosmetic bonding, which would require little or no reduction of your natural healthy tooth.  If done by a dentist  that has both an artistic and precision skillset, they can look beautiful.  They can be done in 1 visit, no shots, no pain, no sensitivity, and they are considerably less expensive than porcelain veneers.  With porcelain veneers, hopefully you are thrilled with the results, but if you are not, you are pretty much stuck with them.  With cosmetic bonding, it can easily be modified to make sure you get the smile you want.  The longevity of cosmetic bonding can be extended with good maintenance and occasional touchups if one should chip or break.  Conversely, if a porcelain veneer should chip or break, it would most likely need to be removed and a new one made to replace it.  This is another expense that you might have to incur.  We have been placing ProVeneers(formerly EasySmile Veneers) for the past 2 1/2 years.  These are direct resin veneers placed in 1 visit.  Fees are usually 1/2 to 1/3 that of porcelain veneers.  Patients have been extremely pleased with this procedure.  Hope this helps to inform you of options before you make your final decision on treatment.  I have unfortunately read of too many porcelain veneer  cases where patients have been dissatisfied with results.  The most important decision for you is  to to choose your dentist wisely.  Make sure they have extensive experience and skills to get you the result that you want.  

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