I want to have a clear and normal cleavage but a fleshy skin is present and my cleavage is hardly seen so what can I do? (photo)

How can i get a proper cleavage and avoid this fleshy skin which filled my cleavage? I have a normal size of breast as i can say but from outside it looks like im flat, as my cleavage is not visible and it doesn't look normal. Please suggest me something which can help me out.

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Surgery To Get "Clear And Normal" Cleavage

Your breasts look full, perky, symmetrical, and proportionate. They are well within the spectrum of normal as is your cleavage. There are all types of "normal." You do have visible, normal cleavage - it is just a different look from another woman's visible, normal cleavage. I would not advise any surgery at all. Instead, enjoy your natural, youthful-looking breasts for as long as possible! Don't take them for granted. Many women would love to have the breasts you have right now!

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Breast Cleavage


I recommend that you meet with a Plastic Surgeon in person to discuss what you would like to change. They can examine/evaluate the issue and then make recommendations.

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