I am 25 year old female I want to know whether Minoxidil to be used for hormonal changes?

I undergone several tests like autoimmune, thyroid, pcos, iron etc.... Every thing is normal I hav shedding all over more at temples... Doctor told its hormonal change (Telogen affluivism) n recommended multi vitamin tab and minoxidil.... M scared to use because it's a life Tym commitment.... Will i won't get my hair back naturally?.... Thank you

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Female shedding

I have written extensively about female hairline shedding in a post which can be found below.  Read it and then followup with a doctor

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Telogen effluvium

I can not advise what to do without knowing more about your story and seeing your scalp up close. Telogen effluvium, by definition, is temporary in most people and resolves once the trigger is identified. I think the key question based on your story is whether you have androgenetic alopecia rather than true telogen effluvium (or whether you have both). Minoxidil is required forever if the diagnosis is androgenetic alopecia and only short term if the diagnosis is androgenetic alopecia. Please discuss with a hair specialist.

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