Can i get the hairline as shown in the 1st pic (in sunglasses). (photos)

1)Hairfall since last 8 years,2)Using minoxidil of different brands but not satisfied. 3)hair is thin on the side part of my head, especially right side baldness is more when compared to left side of the head and its been like that since many years 4 things i would like to know 1)can i get the hairline(not density)as shown in the 1st pic? 2)which hair transplantation technique best suits me? 3)what would be the possible downtime? 4)will the transplanted hair bend or move like the normal hair

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One of the biggest candidacy factors for transplant is realistic expectation. The other is supply and demand. The hairline placement may be achievable, however we can not achieve native density in one session. Transplanted hair will grow like native hair, provided the recipient sites are made correctly. I recommend you visit with a hair transplant specialist to determine what he or she feels realistically can be achieved.

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Your hairline

When looking into getting a hair transplant it is important to have realistic expectations. You have to keep in mind that a hair transplant will help increase density in your balding zones and thinning areas but that your already existing hair will keep falling out. This is why the use of topical minoxidil and oral finasteride should not be neglected in maintaining your hair. Moving your hairline too frontward may result in a funky look on the long term when your already existing hair falls out. It is always best to go with what works the best for you accordingly to your balding pattern.

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The type of hairline you want may not be reasonable with hair transplant and would be very, very costly. Yes, I have produced this type of hairline in a person that was not very bald

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You will benefit from Hair Transplant

Hi. Hair Transplant will cover the bald areas. Obviously we cant mimic a normal dense hairline in a single sitting, how much ever dense we pack. But it is achievable with few sittings. Your donor site will determine the treatment technique. 

You have to have realistic expectations if you want a hair transplant surgery. It is best to see a doctor for a consultation.

You have to have realistic expectations if you want a hair transplant surgery.  It is best to see a doctor for a consultation.

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