Want to do FUE with Scalp Micropigmentation. How long should I wait for SMP after FUE? I'll be keeping my hair short (Photo)

Hi I'm 24 years old. I've norwood 6 or 7 baldness. As i cant cover my full head with Hair transplant. So i'm thinking of going with the combination of FUE on the crown & middle part & SMP with the remaining. I dont want dense result. i just want to make it look like i've some hair left. I dont want to cover full head either with FUE or SMP. Is this a good plan. I feel like Full head SMP may look fake, so planning to do FUE. Is there any side effects with SMP. Can any one tell more about SMP.

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You need to see a doctor in person for an exam if you want both SMP and FUE. You may not need FUE.

You need to see a doctor in person for an exam if you want both SMP and FUE.  You may not need FUE.  In general you need to wait at least 1 to 2 months after FUE to have SMP.

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SMP after FUE

Generally, if you want to just do the donor area where the FUE was done with scalp micropigmentation, you should wait long enough for the wounds to mature and not be red. That often takes 1-2 months. See web reference below

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