Dental implant or bridge - chronic sinusitis. (photos)

I was asked to get a CBCT before an implant to replace missing tooth 26. The radiography findings are: Tooth no: 26 Width (mm): 3.56 Height (mm): 4.68 MEAN GREY VALUES: 1300-1400 Other findings: Mucosal thickening irt the floor of the sinus MISCH BONE DENSITY CLASSIFICATION: D4 My dentist advised me to go for a bridge because of potential sinus issues. I would like to know whether bridge is the best option for me. Further details are in the images.

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Implant or bridge

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the problem of getting a bridge,is that the gum on that area will continue shrinking, and sooner or later you will have problems on the roots of the adjacent teeth, you can do a lateral sinus lift, and place immediately an implant, there are several techniques to do this, and you will preserve the bone in this area, on along term solution this will be the best one. implant is always a much better solution.

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