I have blurry vision after Lasik. Will it improve?

I had lasik surgery on apr 19 for my both eyes at a time and having sight -1.5 for both eyes. Its been 10 days passed eventhough im having blurry long vision and near vision as well. Recently i recognized new thing is im seeing 2 lights as 4 lights above 50 meters distance,when it comes near to me im seeing as 2 lights....please provide the answers for these kind of problems and can i expect it will be cure in few days..?

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Dryness causing blurry vision

Does it seem to help when you blink your eyes or use artificial tears?  It is possible that you are experiencing dry eyes.  If blinking or using tears help, dryness is likely the cause of your blurred vision.  I would recommend that you use your preservative-free artificial tears every one to two hours.  It is also possible that you still have some residual prescription.  In this case you will need to be monitored by your surgeon who may suggest that you have an enhancement after four to six months.

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