New tiny mole appearing from place of an excised mole (which was mildly dysplastic). Re-excise? Other moles are ok. (photo)

A tiny Mole appeared at edge of excised mole(9months prior).Prior Biopsy report says:Diagnosis-Mildly dysplastic compound melanocytic nevus.Microscopic description- Sections shows skin with nests of mildly atypical melanocytes that focally bridge adjacent rete ridges. Melanocytes display mild nuclear pleomorphism. Focal changes of dermal(lamellar) fibrosis and an inflammatory cell infiltrate.Dermal component of nevus is present,which matures with increaing dermal depth.What should i do?

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Recurrent dysplastic nevus requires removal

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Recurrent dysplastic nevi should be removed.  The current medical understanding is that dysplasia represents and early pre-cancerous change.  Your prior surgery appears to have been preformed by shave excision.  Mole (nevus) cells tend to penetrate deeper into the skin than many shave excisions are able to remove, so probably some of the cells got left behind.

I would recommend returning to your surgeon or seeking a second opinion regarding re-excision of the mole.

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