3 unit bridge that is 6 years old and is about 1/2 mm loose on the Pontic region. My dentist says I should replace it. Advice?

So since The margins were visible I thought I'd visit a dentist. And when I did he took an x Ray and told me that there isn't any infection as such but the pdl space is widened and the gums are slightly inflamed .He asked me why the abutment teeth weren't rct treated .he said it's better if they are Rct treated to avoid problems . So he suggested that i get the bridge removed and then he'd perform an intentional rct on the abutment and then replace. So i donot know if I should do so?

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Replacing an old bridge

RCT and loose bridge / widened PDL are different things. You would need RCT ( root canal treatment) if you have decay or infection in the tooth. If PDL is widened and you have mobility, recession / gap it could be due to bone loss and too much of bite pressure on the bridge. Get a second opinion. If the abutment teeth have a good bone foundation, and are not loose, then the bridge could be replaced with or without RCT. 

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Loose bridge

I suggest getting a second opinion. It is not necessary or encouraged to automatically do root canals on teeth to be treated with a bridge. If there is a need for a root canal due to deep decay or infection then a root canal should be done. If there is no decay/infection then a root canal is unnecessary treatment. 

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