Does a Band Need to Be Removed After Slippage? (photo)

I had a gastric band fiitted and lost 9 st. i had no complications until i suddenly developed constant vomiting. after 5 days i was admitted to hospital and was there for 9 more days before being given a barium meal xray which showed up slippage, it was then removed. if the slippage had been diagnosed when the vomiting first started, could the band have been saved rather than removed. the answer is very important as since removal i have gained 4 stone in 4 months.

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Treatment of Band Slippage

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Slippage of a Lap-Band is a known complication that occur. The usual treatment is to fix the band.  This usually involves removing the band and then repositioning it into the proper position and resutring the band.  When a patient has recureent slips we then recommend removal of the band.

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