What is the Cost of Multiple Moles Removed from Face? (photo)

I have a lot of facial moles I would like to get removed before my wedding in October 2013. I'd like to know how much would it cost and if it the scars would be healed enough to not show too much. Small scars don't bother me, I have lots of freckles and the scars will get lost in it. I included pictures of the ones I would like to get removed. I'd like all 3 to get removed but would probably be ok with just the one by my lips if the cost is too high. All of my moles have hair growing from them.

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Mole removal

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Depending on the method of mole removal, the cost may vary.  You should have a consultation with a skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon to discuss the methods.  In addition to the cost of surgery, there will also be a cost for pathology.  This is the cost to process the tissue, and have a pathologist evaluate the specimen.

If the mole is strictly a cosmetic concern, then usually the patient will pay out of pocket.  If the mole has been changing, itching, bleeding, then the mole needs to be evaluated by a dermatologist.

I would recommend removing one mole first in order to evaluate how you heal, rather than removing all at once.

Chicago Dermatologist

Mole removal

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I would highly recommend that you see a facial plastic surgeon for your procedure and first do only one or two to see how they heal.  

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mole on the face

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First you need to know that moles must be removed in total full thickness and submitted for biobsy.

It will leave a scar. The quality of that scar depend on how it heals ans whare the mole is, and your genetic predisposition to scarring.

scars are red at the begining and gradualy fades which ideally would leave you with a line of a scar. the line should be in the direction of the lines of the face.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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Cost of mole removal

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Costs for mole removals depend on how they are done - shave procedure, excision, etc., and who does them. From your photos I would think you could have simple shave procedures done where the sites are numbed, a small scalpel is used to literally shave off the site, and then its left to heal on its own (no sutures) with specific postcare instructions for you. For three moles, I would say you are looking at somewhere between $300-$400. For one only you're probably looking at $200 or so. For most of us, the difference in doing one mole removal like this, or three, is very minimal, so that's why the cost range isn't that drastic. Find a board-certified dermatologist or dermatologic surgeon.

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