Worked too hard too soon after BA? (photos)

I had BA surgery 4 days ago, and though I haven't exercised, I have moved around quite a bit (laundry, chasing my toddler, picking up after him). Today was the most active I've been; I even ran up the stairs to catch him, and now my breasts feel very swollen, though equally so. I saw the nurse yesterday, and she said I look fine, but I'm worried that I pushed it too much today. Is it possible I permanently damaged my health or ruined my results? Here's how they look right now (200/275cc HP).

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You Should Take it Easy As You Recover

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It’s difficult to say whether you have done permanent damage. A complication that can occur with excessive physical activity too early in your recovery is capsular contracture. 

It’s probably more the case that you’ve simply slowed down your recovery. I highly recommend you follow your surgeon’s instructions and limit your physical activity at this time. You shouldn’t be doing anything physically strenuous, like running up the stairs or picking up your child, right now.

Strenuous Activity Soon After Breast Augmentation

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Thank you very much for your question and photographs. Congratulations on your recent breast augmentation; it would appear that you have excellent results.  At four-days post breast augmentation, you should be limiting strenuous activities. Patients should postpone exercise and heavy lifting (even your toddler) for four to six weeks. It is vital that you closely follow your doctor’s post-op instructions. It does not sound like you have damaged your breast augmentation results, although the increased swelling and tenderness can be expected. If you have any further concerns, do not hesitate to contact your operating surgeon. 

Paul Vitenas, Jr., MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Activity and breast augmentation

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I usually allow patients to go back to light aerobic activities within 3-4 weeks and heavy exertion within about 6-8 weeks.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Too much activity after Breast Augmentation

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Thank you for your questions regarding your recent activity after a Breast Augmentation.  Being a mom and having surgery is always a difficult balance as you have so many responsibilities.  It is important to remember that your body needs rest in order to heal properly.  As for causing damage to your Breast Augmentation. this is probably unlikely, more that you may have prolonged your recovery.  Continue with your follow up appointments with your surgeon to have a complete and safe recovery.

Eric Schaffer, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Do not worry

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You are very early in the post operative period and you are active like most breast augmentation patients.  You have not affected the final result of your augmentation.  Depending on the type of implant, silicone/saline, textured/smooth your immediate post-op result will vary with time.  Textured implants will have minimal mobility post operatively.   Where as a smooth implant will settle more over time.  Sometimes we will place a breast band on our patients after augmentation to help them settle in the pocket.  Enjoy your new breast and try to minimize activity for comfort, but that is easier said than done! 

Chet Mays, MD
Louisville Physician
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Worked too hard too soon after BA?

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Thank you for your question and photograph, and it appears that you will have a very nice result. After placement of implants, the appearance of the breasts will change dramatically over the next several months, as the implants drop, and the overlying tissue stretches to accommodate the extra volume. In your case the swelling from surgery and from your recent increased activity is flattening your implants and holding them high on your chest.  As this swelling resolves, the volume within the implant will redistribute towards the lower portion of your breast achieving a more natural appearance, and filling your bra cup more.  It is doubtful that your new onset swelling damaged your results.  I know waiting is difficult, but judge your results at 4-6 months after surgery as most of your breast changes should have occurred by then. Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question and photographs.

It is important to address any post-operative concerns with your plastic surgeon.  You are still very early on in your recovery. Swelling after a breast augmentation occurs with 100% of patients, eventually the swelling will go down and your breasts will drop into their pockets causing them to look more natural.  If the breasts are too high, the use of a breast binder is beneficial to add downward pressure. I would continue to wear your surgical bra as directed and perform your breast massages. Your doctor may also prescribe you a Medrol dose pack (steroid) to help with the swelling. I hope this helps.
Best of luck in your recovery!

James Fernau, MD, FACS
Board Certified ENT
Board Certified Plastic Surgery
Member of ASPS, ASAPS, ISAPS, The Rhinoplasty Society, AAFPRS, OTO/HNS, ASLMS, International Federation for Adipose Therapeutics & Science

James Fernau, MD, FACS
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon
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Hard and high

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AND SWOLLEN at 3-4 days PO is the norm. Please follow your surgeons instructions for his/her post-op routine. You do not want to have to go back and explain to him/her you were not following instructions and now have a problem, he/she will likely not feel bad for you as you didn't listen/follow instructions.

Hard and High

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Hard and high and swollen is normal right after this surgery. It takes time for the implants to settle and relax. It is unlikely you have done any harm, but your PS ist trying to make your result as safe as possible. Try to turn to others for the hard stuff as you heal.

Best wishes.

Adam Tattelbaum, MD
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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You need to allow yourself to heal

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Doing too much too early can certainly permanent hurt your results so you need to rest and allow yourself to heal.  If you were seen by your surgeon and all looks ok according to them it is unlikely you have ruined anything but don't take chances.  Give yourself another week to heal at least.  Best of luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
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