Three weeks ago I had a brow lift and and face lift w fat grafting and my lower face on one side is asymmetrical (Photo)

I am concerned that the one side of my lower face is asymmetric and I am not sure if it is due to swelling or something else. This is not the side I sleep on. And it was not asymetric prior to the facelift. I am aware that nobody's face is perfectly symetrical but this part of my face was not noticably different. (I have eyes that are slightly different) I am happy w the brow lift but concerned w this however I don't want to b that patient that is the nut job. Btw my hubby says he can't see the difference

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Post op facial asymmetry

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Patience is what is called for here. I'm sure your surgeon reviewed that it takes months for facial surgery to heal and asymmetry in the lower part of the face is often due to edema [swelling fluid] from the surgical procedure, accentuated by  gravity that causes body fluid to settle in the lowest part of the surgery. Furthermore, even though you had the procedure done in one day, the right and left sides may be considered two different surgical interventions, and each may heal differently. You may notice more symmetry in the morning when you wake up  than at the end of the day.  Cool compresses may help.  Hopefully you will see slow, progressive improvement over weeks to months.

Best of luck 

New York Plastic Surgeon

Post op healing

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It is very common to experience some asymmetrical swelling at 3 weeks post op. I know it's frustrating to not have your final results immediately, but just give yourself time to heal. If you aren't already, you may want to speak with your surgeon about icing your face. Hope this helps.


Kouros Azar

Asymmetric Face

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Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately your photo does not show your entire face and I have not seen your before pictures either.  At just three weeks post op it is too soon to say what your outcome will be.  Generally speaking you should wait at least 3 months post op before you really start to see your final results starting to show.  You are still swollen at 3 weeks and fat grafting can be unpredictable.  Make sure to follow up with your surgeon for your regular follow up visits and address your concerns and questions with him/her as well.

Best of luck,

Dr. Hisham Seify

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Easily fixed

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So the photo doesn't tell the whole story but I suspect there is a little asymmetry there. 

This can easily be corrected if it is static (i.e. there in all positions of your smile)

with filler or fat. If you have had fat already then this would be my choice. Ask your surgeon what they think as I am sure they will want to help you.

Hope that helps.

Adam Goodwin

Asymmetric Face

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Thank you for your question. I can't see your entire face and you are animating your face in the picture, so it is a bit difficult to give you an accurate answer to your question. However, I will tell you not worry yet. 3 weeks after surgery is too early to really start judging the result. Depending on what type of facelift was performed, how much fat grafting was done, and where it was put, all of these nuances can affect your result and healing time. Fat grafting can be unpredictable, unfortunately, I typically wait about 3 months to assess whether or not my fat grafts have been successful. I hope this eases some of your concerns. 

Pre op counseling

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For my patients, I spend an inordinate amount of time going over pre op assymetry. Before doing this practice, patients would often point out assymetries which they say they never had before. It's important to look at your pre op photos. You might be surprised.

Facial issues

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It is always best to review your prep views with your recent post-op views. Best of luck with your results.

Asymmetry after facial procedures

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Great question!  I suggest you review your before pictures in the same pose as you have posted with a smile. I am confident that the asymmetry you see was present before. Additionally, you are only 3 weeks after the procedure, so it really does take a few months for the fat transfer to settle, especially as you had additional procedures at the same time. 

Assymetric after facelift/fat transfer

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first of all, no one's face is totally symmetrical and sometimes one may not notice assymetries in the face until after having an operation when you become much more aware of everything about your face.  In your case, it is too early to conclude that you have an assymetrical face because of swelling. It can take 3 months for all swelling to resolve. The chances are you will look just fine.

Post Op Facelift Asymmetry

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Thanks for the question.  I know it is difficult, but it is only 3 weeks post this is probably just swelling.  You seem to have a great deal of knowledge about the procedure and asymmetry and that's wonderful.  Be sure to check in with your surgeon and I'm sure he or she will alleviate your concerns.  Continue to be patient and you will be happy with the end result.  Best of luck.

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