Which version of the gastric sleeve is best? Endoscopic or Laproscopic?

I have been looking into the gastric sleeve and am wondering if one was better than the other? From what I have researched it appears that the endoscopic is more of a stomach suturing to make the stomach smaller. The laproscopic version actually removes part of the stomach. Is one more effective? Are the side effects/recovery different? Also is it true that the lower the bmi, the slower you lose the weight? Thanks!

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Endoscopy vs. laparoscopy

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Hello dear, thanks for your question. Patients undergoing a LSG showed a faster and greater weight loss than those using a BIB at 6 months. Moreover, LSG is a safe procedure, with reproducible results, in contrast to the BIB which was tolerated by 93% of patients. The results indicate that both mean weight loss and %EWL were better in the LSG group, and that BMI decreased substantially more in the LSG group as well. Although the BIB procedure shows efficacy in reducing weight, the LSG group does so faster and to a greater amount, thus suggesting that this may be a superior procedure as a first stage for super-obesity. I recommend to make an appointment with a board certified surgeon for a personal evaluation. Good luck

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