Can I make my uneven breasts symmetrical without implants? Can uneven nipples be fixed with a fat transfer to one breast?

Hi! I am 19 years old, about 5'9, 118 pounds, and I wear a 32B bra. I've noticed when I go braless that my nipples were not symmetrical. I've also noticed that my left breast is smaller than the right. My main goal is making everything even. But I wouldn't mind going a "little" bigger by having the procedure done on both. I hope you can help me in some way even though I don't feel comfortable posting any pictures online. Thank you!

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Without photos, I can not say whether or not implants or no implants would work for you, or what surgical procedures might make them more symmetrical.  Best also to be seen in person.

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In search of symmetry

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Thank you for your question as this is a very common concern,  True symmetry is uncommon, whereas the lack of symmetry that you describe is quite common.  Without pictures it is difficult to understand exactly what your anatomic variables are.  A thorough examination by a board certified plastic surgeon should be able to determine the issues that result in your asymmetry and what options are available to be able to achieve as much symmetry and stability as possible.  These options may include breast lifting, areolar reduction, fat grafting, implants, correction of tuberous breast.  At your age, the breasts are essentially fully developed.  The potential impact of weight fluctuations, pregnancy and lactation need to be addressed.  Although not a guarantee of experience, knowing how other family members have responded to the above is often a helpful guide. Most importantly, seek the advice of two to three surgeons, and be sure that you understand the recommended procedures and why those recommendations are being made.

Make uneven breasts symmetrical

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The operation that you desire should be possible for any board certified plastic surgeon. I suggest setting up a consultation for an in-person examination in order to get personalized, accurate answers in real-time with a doctor while being able to explain your end goal thoroughly. 

Here is a link to my website on breast augmentation - an in-depth guide explaining the history, technique, implants, and more. 

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Can I make my uneven breasts symmetrical without implants? Can uneven nipples be fixed with a fat transfer to one breast?

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Thank you for your question. It is difficult to provide an accurate answer without a photo or in person assessment. You may consider a lift to one breast and areola reduction. Fat transfer may be an option for you. Speak with a board certified plastic surgeon in a consultation to discuss desired results and options. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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