What type of compression garment should I wear when dealing with a large hematoma and necrosis above the pubic area?

I'm 4 weeks out from an extended tummy tuck without lipo. Week 2 after my first drain was taken out a hematoma and necrosis at the incision line occurred. I am using silvadene cream and changing the dressings daily. I'm currently wearing a velcro binder for the torso. Due to the bunching that occurs when I am sitting at my desk I am concerned that the garment is doing me more harm than good. Is there another type of compression garment I can wear that won't bunch up as much? Garments for wounds?

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Compression Garment After Tummy Tuck and Necrosis

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I appreciate the importance of your question.  But it is one that I think is not well answered in this forum.  You are best served by seeing your plastic surgeon to discuss this in detail.  Best of luck!

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