Can ThermiVA be considered for an alternative to labiaplasty?

Does it have any significant affect on the appearance or reduction in size of the labia? My labia minora have changed in size and lost elasticity from intercourse. Can ThermiVA be considered as an option for labia tightening and labia rejuvination? I would love to hear from some experts and women who have had this procedure. Did you notice any changes in the appearance of your labia after ThermiVA?

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ThermiVA Versus Labiaplasty -- Which Is Best For Vaginal Rejuvenation? Do BOTH!

ThermiVA is not an alternative if you need skin removed.  Its like comparing a skin tightening procedure versus face lift.  ThermiVA will help moisture, sensitivity, and give a small amount of tightening but will not get rid of redundant skin.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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ThermiVa will give improvement of the appearance of both the labia majora and minora - #Williamsville NY

Certainly, the results are not the same as surgical labiaplasty, but you will get improvement of  the appearance of both the labia majora and minora. 

H Karamanoukian MD 

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ThermiVa To Reduce Labias

ThermiVa is an excellent non-surgical treatment for treating vaginal laxity and mild stress incontinence. It will reduce the size and improve the appearance of both the labia majora and minora. Multiple treatments will be needed for best results and so far results have been shown to last at least a year. Obviously, the results will not be as dramatic as a surgical labiaplasty. I would not consider it as a replacement for labiaplasty. It is, however, a good option for appropriate candidates who do not want to undergo the risks and recovery associated with surgery. Hope this helps answer your question.

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ThermiVa has been a remarkable alternative for women in our practice who previously only had labiaplasty as an option. When we evaluate a woman with the typical signs and symptoms of labia hypertrophy and laxity, and vaginal loosening or relaxation, we often recommend a non-surgical attempt at improving her situation. If she still has significant laxity that would warrant surgery, we offer surgical labiaplasty if indicated. The recovery from labiaplasty is essentially 75-95% within three to four weeks, and it is an outpatient procedure that rarely takes more than 45 minutes. 

I recommend a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or urogynecologist experienced in labiaplasty and ThermiVa treatments. Other energy based devices can improve vaginal wall or canal laxity but offer no remedy for the external genitalia (labia, clitoral hood, etc.). 

Best of luck to you. 

Ram Kalus, MD
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In some cases

ThermiVA treatments lead to a tightening of the external genitalia, which will somewhat shrink the labia majora and minora.  In women who have mild elongation or hypertrophy of the labia minora, it can be a great treatment. Women who have more significant elongation, or who are looking for a one time treatment that will have a permanent effect, may be better served with a surgical labiaplasty.  This is why we recommend that any patient considering ThermiVa see a gynecologic surgeon skilled in all manner of pelvic floor repairs, both medical and cosmetic, so all options can be carefully considered and the best course can be taken.

Nicholas Fogelson, MD
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A photo would be helpful in answering your question

If you are looking for major and long lasting changes in your appearance, then surgery is your only option. If you not, the answer is maybe it will help, maybe not. If your physician is an expert in both surgical and nonsurgical therapies, you will get an honest balanced answer. If not, it's a hit or miss approach.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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ThermiVa vs Labiaplasty

ThermiVa is a non-invasive treatment for vaginal tightening, stress incontinence, vaginal dryness and external tightening.  The external genitalia can be treated and does show improvement.  However, the amount of improvement in laxity of the external skin (labial majora and labia minora) is limited with a non-invasive treatment such as ThermiVa. If you have a large amount of labial laxity, labiaplasty may still be required to get the results you want.  I recommend you discuss with a board certified plastic surgeon who performs both ThermiVa and labiaplasty.


Ralph Trey Aquadro, MD
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ThermiVa Results

You will absolutely notice a difference in the appearance of size and tightness using ThermiVa. Having said that, there is certainly a difference in the results you would get with Labiaplasty  vs Thermiva.  I suggest getting a consultation. Understanding how much you would like to reduce the size would help to choose which route would be best for you.

Ginger Isom-Batz, MD
Dallas Urologist
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ThermiVa causes a significant change in the size of the labia.

ThermiVa causes a significant change in the size of the labia.  The labia majora usually shows the most significant reduction in size but the labia minora  will usually also decrease in size but not nearly as much.  It is not uncommon for the labia minora to be larger than the labia majora.  If you are symptomatic or wish to have this significantly reduced go for a consultation with a Physician who performs both reduction labial surgery as well as ThermiVa.

Dean L. Johnston, MD
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You should anticipate improvement in the appearance of the labia, but the results will likely not be as dramatic as a labiaplasty.  Speak with your doctor prior to treatment to discuss your goals for treatment. She/He will be better able to advise you on which procedure will work best for you.

Camille Cash, MD
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