Is it possible to have skin grafts to upper inside of eye lids after a bad eye lift surgery? (photo)

Nobody mentioned prior that my forehead would now pull down and that too much skin would be cut away to cause me deep set eyes and in pics look like an eyeless animal. Lower forhead makes them look even deeper and he gutted my inside lids especially. Goal is forhead lift and skin added back. Is this possible. Been 6 weeks since filler under eyes n again its fading away. I dont have 1000s extra every 6-8 wks layin around cause of this sloppy give me ur cash dont care bout my work surgeon.

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Revisional Eyelid Surgery

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Would need closeup photos of your eyes/forehead to be able to render any meaningful statements. The question is not whether a forehead and eyelid skin grafts can be done, but whether it would improve where you are now.

Need much better pre and post operative photographs

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Need much better pre and post operative photographs to make any comment about your problem.  Thanks for your question

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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