Pannicultomy needed in Maryland, how do I get my doctor to submit the paperwork? (photo)

I have an umbilical hernia on my abdominal muscle and according to my doctor, should have a pannicultomy with a hernia repair. the repair will require my muscle to be repaired because that's where the hernia is and I do not want mesh. I have bcbs federal and it's a covered procedure but I need a doctor to submit the paperwork. My General surgeon office needs the other doctor to go to bat for me. What should I do?

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You just need to consult with a plastic surgeon who accepts your insurance and who will do this operation for insurance. He or she will submit a letter to your insurance company. You will have to demonstrate that the panniculectomy is medically necessary though and this can be very difficult to do. Your general surgeon saying it's needed is not going to be enough.

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