Can nursing impact my healing after liposuctions? Slow healing and shock like or nerve issues?

hello thanks in advance for all the answer. i had lipo done like 9 weeks ago i feel like it's going to take me a year to heal and 100% myself. it feel like a very slow process for me i have talk to people who had lipo done and they said it was fine recovery but not in my case. i am still breastfeeding my 16 month old son , could that be the issues?

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Liposuction Recovery

I am sorry to hear you experiencing a longer than normal recovery following liposuction. The care and breastfeeing of a 16 month old alone requires a great deal of energy on your part. You don't indicate how many areas of liposuction you had, but recovery from liposuction can affect sleep if you're uncomfortable.   Often the extent of the liposuction and number of areas treated can affect the length of recovery, but 9 weeks is excessive.  Having numbness in the areas treated, however, is not uncommon as the nerves recover.  Typically recovery should not take a year, and I suggest you talk to your plastic surgeon about your concerns. Good luck to you.  



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Nursing can affect recovery after liposuction

liposuction just like any surgery leave a tole on the body. Breast feeding requires much caloric intake and takes away from the energey and the nutrients that the body needs to heal after liposuction.

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