I've had 6 of 8 treatments with medlite c laser for facial hair: sideburns, cheeks, upper lip, chin and neck.

 soI have not experienced long term smoothness yet and hair does grow back just not as long. Will I see results by my last 2 treatments? I am afro American with dark hair. My treatments have been spaced out every 4 weeks. Crossing my fingers as I can not afford any more treatments and totally fed up with lady beard!

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Laser hair removal in afroAmerican skin

The answer to your question is that it depends... On how dark your skin is, and how aggressive the treatments are. The NdYag is a good laser for your skin type, but treats coarse hairs more effectively than fine, so it is especially important that the initial treatments be as strong as your skin can tolerate without side effects. As the hairs become finer, they will be harder to treat.

If you do not have very dark skin, the alexandrite laser is more effective at treating fine hairs.  Side effects can be prevented with a good topical regimen of retinoids as well.

It is essential that you have these treatments with a physician who understands these principles and oversees the settings.

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