Will a labiaplasty (reduced labia) cause more vaginal dryness? (photos)

I had a labiaplasty back in August, and since then, I've noticed during arousal I produce much less lubrication. It's a significant change from beforehand. It has been slowly getting to be less and less over the past few months. I was wondering if this is common, or possibly just a random happen chance. Other than this, I am still very happy with the procedure, I haven't had any other problems. Either way, any excess information would be appreciated.

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Labiaplasty and Vaginal Dryness

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The labia minora have no glands and secrete no fluids. The natural lubrication that happens during sex originates internally just beyond the labia minora from the Skene's glands around the urethra and from the vaginal walls themselves. None of these structures are typically removed or altered in labiaplasty procedures.

Vaginal dryness during intercourse in young and middle-aged women is usually the result of irritation, medication, anxiety or insufficient foreplay. Any gynecologist can assess you for signs of irriation/infection which might be responsible.

Your photo is not in high resolution, but it clearly shows that you had a wedge labiaplasty and that the clitoral hood has been pulled posteriorly. It is unlikely that this anatomic shift would affect vaginal lubrication.

Dryness after Labiaplasty

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Labiaplasty should not cause dryness, but could change the sensations you have during sex.  Vaginal secretions are produced by the lining of the vagina, not the labia.  Things that affect this are: hormones (such as birth-control pills), vaginal infections (yeast, "bacterial vaginosis," and others), and decreased sexual arousal.  If all of these have been ruled out and you are troubled by this symptom, then I would recommend you make an appointment with your Gyn.

Vaginal dryness after genital plastic/cosmetic surgery

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A LP by itself should not cause vaginal dryness.  Different organs- labia are part of the vulva; vagina has its own lubrication & is a separate structure.

Sexual lubrication in a woman comes from 2 sources: 1) the Bartholin's glands opening into the vulvar vestibule just outside of the hymenal ring, at ~ 4/5 and ~ 8/9 o'clock provide that glorious clear natural lubrication when you become sexually artoused.  2) vaginal moisture, from vaginal secretions.  A LP should not effect either of these, unless the surgeon went WAY down and removed a portion of the vulvar vestibule/vaginal opening (pretty hard to do in a labiaplasty, bit.....)

What is your age??  If you are getting to be "peri-menopausal (age ~ 40/45 +), maybe your diminished secretions are secondary to diminishing estrogen levels, which especially effect your vaginal lining and degree of lubrication. Additionally, the Bartholins glands lube is significantly diminished around/following peri-/post-menopause.

You might see your original surgeon and ask her/him this question.  If you are in "...midlife," see a specialist (a "Certified Menopause Practitioner" is the best) and inquire about hormonal and other vaginal moisture/health/lubricating options. Check out the article "  " on my blog page, and other articles in my "Women's Needs Library" om my educational website (click below...)

Very best,

Michael P Goodman MD

Does labiaplasty cause vaginal dryness

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labiaplasty is a gynecological proocedure on the external genitalia. Vaginal Dryness is a medical condition of the inner vaginal mucosal lining.  There are many causes of Vaginal dryness.  The most common cause of vaaginal dryness in a young non pregnant female is  infection, particularly yeast infection. Another common cause is irritation due to latex sensitivity when using condoms

Ayman Shahine, MD
New York OB/GYN

Dryness after labiaplasty

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Thank you for your question about labiaplasty.

You had a significant labial reduction.
  • The removed tissues were mucosal. They have glands which provide lubrication as does the vagina. 
  • Absent another explanation - which can be a change in contraceptive, infection, condom, irritation from bathing products - the lack of lubrication is most likely a side effect of your otherwise successful surgery.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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