What's the best way to fix a botched eye lift. What are the best fixes in my situation? (Photo)

I realize this is only pics. I have lots on my profile as well. Im weighing out all the ideas/solutions/fixes. I dont want to have to go through another big event with the stress of looking like this. One eye is messed up in so many ways, the other...half as many ways. Smaller, closed at the corner more, uppet lids droop, lashes swoop inward now. Make up artist saw it today for daughters wedding. Dont even need to mention the sunken, its redic. I have spent 1000s in fillers that dont stay long

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Eyelid lift

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I am so sorry that you had difficulty after your eyelid procedure. I wish that I could offer you a quick solution, but even after looking at your photos I am uncomfortable detailing a fix. The solution needed can only really be determined after a "hands on" exam to get a perfect sense of the issues causing the problem. I wish you the best and hope that your concerns get corrected.

Eye lift revision options

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Dear gem

Im terribly sorry to hear about your ordeal and all that you have been through with your surgeries. Im sure it is incredibly stressful, especially considering your daughter's wedding. 

I would be curious to see exactly what your surgeon did during the original procedure. In looking at your photos, it seems as if perhaps he took a significant portion of the orbicularis muscle, especially laterally on the left. If you feel as if your lids are heavier, I also wonder if the levator mechanism was also damaged. 

It also looks like part of the problem laterally and inferiorly is peri-orbital volume loss. It sounds like you have attempted to correct this with filler. Due to scarring around the eye, it may be difficult to get traditional hyaluronic acid fillers in the correct location. I have worked with different fillers for scars and often contractures and adhesions can be challenging to fill properly. 

Fat grafting would be a consideration in helping restore volume around your eye. I have helped some patients who were unhappy after blepharoplasty with this technique. It is important to have someone experienced with fat grafting as the periorbital area is very unforgiving with improper graft placement. 

Another thought would be utilizing the Deep FX laser with topical Sculptra to improve the skin texture laterally and then stimulate collagen production to help with volume. This is on off-label use for both techniques. A recent publication from the journal Dermatologic Surgery showed excellent results for scarring with volume loss. 

It is difficult to make an accurate recommendation based solely on photos, so please keep in mind these are only considerations based on photo impressions. A thorough exam is critical.

As a last thought, your eyes are actually very attractive, despite having a bad surgical outcome. Perhaps additional surgery is not the answer.  

I wish you all the best in your search, and hope you find this information helpful. 

Dr S

Travis L. Shaw, MD
Richmond Facial Plastic Surgeon
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What is the best way to fix an eyelift.

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When I get calls from patients who have had sugery elsewhere and are unhappy, I always tell them to come in for an evaluation.  It is very difficult to evaluate the position of the lids, contours and scarring by photos alone.  So I would suggest you visit a surgeon that has a lot of experience with eyelids and get an evaluation.  Good Luck.

Jessica Lattman, MD
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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What is the best way to fix an eyelift?

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You posted many photographs but for your situation, having a face to face evaluation of your eyes with a board certified surgeon who has expertise in eyelid surgery will be your best option.

Suzanne Kim Doud Galli, MD, PhD, FACS
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

What's the best way to fix a botched eye lift. What are the best fixes in my situation

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Thank you for your question. An examination would be necessary to help address any issues you have.  careful with fillers injected which may be contributing to the issues.  Best Wishes

What's the best way to fix a botched eye lift. What are the best fixes in my situation?

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With such detailed issues over the internet is NOT the forum you should be seeking. But I bet you have seen many many surgeons already.. Maybe there is a doc who might be able to address all your issues. Keep seeing IN PERSON oculo plastic docs... 

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