I am concerned about bone grafting at the same time teeth are removed.

I am scheduled for an extraction and bone grafting at the same procedure. I have an infection now. In fact, my teeth were abscessed a year ago. I waited so long and suffered with extreme pain and diarrhea because I was anxious. I've been reading articles and now I want ALL infection gone before a bone graft is done over the hole. Surgeon has to remove 2 teeth surgically because they'll shatter if he pulls on them, he said. I don't want graft if bacteria is still present, and it just regrows.

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Should bone grafting be done at the same time a tooth is extracted?

Whenever possible, it is better to graft an extraction site at the same time as the extraction. The surgeon will make certain that the site is clear of infected tissue plus you'll be placed on oral antibiotics as well.
If the grafting is delayed, the procedure will typically become more extensive, expensive and difficult. 

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Wise To Bone Graft At Extraction Date

There is no question that bone grafting at the same time as you have the extraction is a wise choice.  This allows for the bone forming cells to begin  the bone forming process instead of the extraction site collapsing.  Within three to four months after grafting the site should be ready to have a dental implant if you so desire.   Good luck. 

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The time to bone graft is at the time of extraction

When a tooth is removed, the space will fill with a blood clot.  If a graft is attempted on a later date, there is no space to place the graft.  When the clot is turned into bone, it will shrink some, but if a graft is placed the volume is preserved.  The simple solution in this case is to take antibiotics for several days before the extraction.  An alternative is to have the surgeon mechanically remove the infection at the time of extraction, and then fill the space with the graft.  This is a simple procedure that works very well.  The source of the infection is the tooth, so when the tooth is gone, the body can easily remove the infection.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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