I am 19 years old. I'm a smoker. Any suggestions for Tooth Repair? (photos)

I am 19 years old Im a smoker I was smoking a plastic filtered cigar 4 days ago and I bit down on the plastic and felt a collapse my TOOTH BROKE OFF I want to know how much it would cost and is this something basic insurance can handle???

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Tooth Repair

Hi there, I suggest you visit your general dentist for a full evaluation. In some cases, broken teeth can be treated with root canal therapy and then rebuilt, with a crown placed. My philosophy now is that severely broken tooth that require a root canal are best treated with removal and an implant.


Im sorry that this happened to you, but I do think that the safest and best long-term treatment (best prognosis) would be to extract what remains of the tooth and have an implant and crown over the implant. 

Dr. Galvá

Javier Galvá, DDS, MSc
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Broken Teeth

You have fractures off your front tooth. It appears from the photo that you have have previous dental work on that tooth.  Did you have a crown there?  Or root canal treatment in the past?  If yes, that can speak to why the tooth broke.  Teeth with previous trauma are weaker.  More brittle. They need to be taken care of differently.  Like no biting on hard things, especially if in front with root canal treatment and with no crown.  Having said all that, I am sorry to say that yes, your front tooth will need to be extracted and an implant placed as a replacement.  Or you can have the tooth extracted and have a removable tooth made to fit that space.  If you have dental insurance existing now, it should help cover some (not all) of the expense. If you do not have dental insurance, be careful of the terminology "pre-existing conditions are not covered."  Yours would be a pre-existing condition.  Finally last advice.  This is your front tooth.  In your smile, it is one of your most important teeth.  Do not go to any dentist. Find a caring, accredited cosmetic dentist.  Ask to see some of her/his work.  Ask what experience do they have with front teeth dental implants.  Ask how many single unit front crowns have they done.  Get some feel for their experience.  If you don't you could get saddled with a poor, ill matching, front tooth.  Which over the years will inhibit your smile and your outward projection / confidence in yourself.  See the link I have enclosed.   (Since I do this work in reverse, take the mismatched smile and make it beautiful, even and strong, I know exactly the transformation in people's lives...it is priceless! So don't give yourself a maybe cheaper or less time costly dental experience.  That would be the opposite of priceless and potentially impact you negatively in a big way.)  

N. Summer Lerch, DDS, FAGD
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Broken tooth

Thanks for posting the picture. Your tooth has fractured at the gum line and is non-restorable. It will need to be removed and either an implant placed or a bridge to fill in the space. 

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