Hard to do Lipo revision? (Photo)

I had a BBL almost a year ago and my lipo is HORRIBLE. It looks like the dr took to much out on one side of my belky button. Its hard and is a deep indent. Plus my right side is super lumpy. I can literally grab the pockets that were missed. I had saddle bags lipo-ed and its so uneven and a big indent where my thigh meets my booty. Is there a fix? I dont want this dr to touch me again! But was told by other drs in his office that he has to fix his own work. I want to cry!! Help!

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Liposuction revision expert in Los Angeles

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I would suggest our Hidef Liposuction Revision Protocol which includes fibrous release, fat grafting, liposculpture, Exilis multi-plane tissue sculpting, and lipocavitation to improve your results. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

Revision of a lipo

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Revisions to lipos will always be a challenge. The treatment described is to make fat transfer to areas where there indentations and irregularities are. This can be accompanied with liposuction in areas where there is still fat. Best of luck


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sorry that this happened. I specialize in revision liposuction surgeries. and I have seen such defects a few times now. I have several YouTube videos that you can watch and see what my approach is on how to correct such defects. the link is on the top right side of my website. not sure if you can come to NYC but if you can Id be happy to help you

Hard to do Lipo revision?

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Thank you for your inquiry.  I can certainly understand your concerns.
After viewing your photos, I believe your results can be significantly improved but may not be fully corrected due to scar tissue.   However, with carefully planned liposuction in some areas and possible fat grafting to others the contour deformities can be improved.

I would recommend seeing 2-3 board certified plastic surgeons that have significant experience with liposuction as this is not a straight forward touch up procedure.   Make sure you get copies of all of your records (including all photos) at the present office so the next surgeon has an understanding of what exactly what was done at your surgery.

good luck.

Lipo revision

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This may be due to over or under treatment as well as loose skin. Hard to say without an exam.  Best of luck.

Lipo revision

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You certainly can get improvement based on your pictures. Exactly what is done and how really would be assessed during a full consultation. At the very least it would involve addition liposuction and fat grafting but may require other techniques. This kind of result would not be acceptable.
Where ever you go you should bring along your records from your Dr's office and surgery center and before pictures.
Best of luck to you. Choose only a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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