4 weeks post op rhino and I feel like my frontal profile is botched. Depressed, help! (Photo)

I have posted some more pictures in reference. My bridge is still to wide.. And now that more time has passed its not only the nasal bones still being too wide but it looks crooked and like it has a depression on the left side. I keep hearing "swelling will subside over time etc" but it really isn't swollen at all anymore? and I feel like everyday it looks even more lumpy and worse frontal view! I'm becoming so depressed over it and out thousands of dollars. Revision? If so, how long must I wait
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4 weeks post op rhino and I feel like my frontal profile is botched. Depressed, help!

Though only 1 month post op I see an open roff issue and some dents. But you MUST wait out the healing phase for v6 months than consider revision... 

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Remember you look wide than you are because it is a photo taken on your phone which significantly distorts the image and makes you look even wider . You are early on and swelling will still be adding to width. There is a possibility that your upper bridge may be too wide front on if your bones have not been brought in properly ( osteotomies ) after hump/profile reduction - this can make you look wider - if the excess width feels hard then tis may be the case but you should wait 3 more months at least - sometimes nasal bones can move outwards due to excess bleeding/swelling despite being moved in adequately with osteotomies - if this happens osteotomies need to be repeated which is a short op and straightfoward

Nasal bone swelling 4 weeks after rhinoplasty

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. As other rhinoplasty surgeons have stated, 4 weeks is very early after rhinoplasty to make any long-term judgements. Area around the nasal bones can swell for several weeks/months after surgery, especially if work was done on this part of the nose (ex. reduce width or bump). Most issues resolve with time. If you haven't already, then share your concerns with your original rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Rhinoplasty at one month

You are only one month out and your are still swollen and will likely for many, many months!  Be patient. Your profile looks beautiful.

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4 weeks post rhinoplasty

Hello Teacups14,
Thank you for your post and the pictures.  4 weeks is quite early after rhinoplasty surgery and unfortunately with this type of surgery, swelling persists at the tip, supratip and dorsum for a long time.  I do see the issues you have mentioned, but for now, be patient.  Wait 1 year and try to go to the follow-up that your surgeon has arranged for you.  Those are very important.  You will begin to see more detail and shape to your nose as the swelling resolves.  Hopefully, things will improve.  Some of the issue may be in the osteotomies performed, but again be patient.  Good luck with everything!

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Rhinoplasty post op

Your photos demonstrate swelling and perhaps a wide dorsum.
You absolutely need to wait the required 6 months - 1 year before even considering revision.
Your profile is looking good which is a great sign.

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