Why do I feel I have more running vertical lines around my lips after a little filler in upper and 4 injections of botox?

I never put botox there before and the injector said thats a better way to ensure you wont get duck lip ( If you turn it up a bit) Hmm I feel like I have more lines from doing it. Why would this be? I doubt I will be doin that again. If I make a pucker its pretty bad.

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Botox in Upper Lip

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If you feel the lip lines are worse, you most likely are recruiting the untreated muscle of the lip.  In other words, you still have muscle activity outside the treated area that you can use to purse. Even though Botox does help prevent upper lip lines, it can also elongate the lip and cause an unnatural smile. On the positive side, some people like the slight tilt of the upper lip with the Botox treatment.  It is for you and your experienced injector to decide if you would benefit from this treatment, knowing the trade offs.

Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox of limited use in upper lip

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I think Botox is of limited value in the upper lip and it can cause temporary problems.   I have historically used Botox in the upper lip but I no longer do this.   Even a little too much Botox can cause a flat elongated duck like lip.   Suggest you avoid Botox in the upper lip.   As far as filler is concerned, a little filler carefully applied to the upper lip by your doctor  can give a nice result.  Filler and Botox combinations could cause the appearance of added lines but this is not common.   Talk to YOUR DOCTOR about this problem.   My Best,  Dr C

Botox and filler around the lips

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I often use Botox and filler for lip lines and together, they give a very pleasing result in experienced hands.  If you are unhappy with your result, you should return to your doctor for re-assessment.  You may require a bit more Botox to even out the lines.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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