Why Did my Drain Pop While my Ps Was Pulling It Out?

2 wks post op and I went to my appointment. Both of my drains were difficult to remove. One of my drain came out but the other drain popped while my ps was pulling it out. It was very painful and my ps had to cut me back open and pull and tug alot just to get the drain from inside me, which required more stitches. Could this be because my body started to heal up with the drain inside me? Could it be because they left it in too long?

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Drain Popped when Pulling Out

     These things can happen after a tummy tuck.  Sometimes the drain is less than perfect from the manufacturer.  Sometimes, a stitch may be preventing the drain from being removed.  Either way your plastic surgeon did what needed to be done.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Why Did my Drain Pop While my Ps Was Pulling It Out?

Most surgeons leave the drains until they reach a threshold of drainage--for me it is 30 cc a day. Usually the drains come out by a week, but it is different for each patient, and some have drains for prolonged periods. The longer they are in, the more likely that tissue grows around the drain and makes it hard to remove. The alternative of taking it out too early means a high chance of seroma, or fluid collection which can result in extra visits for aspiration, and sometimes replacement of the drain. 

What happened to you?  Your surgeon was there and can answer that with much less guessing than someone guessing based on a few sentences of information. Ask your surgeon.

Hoping for an uneventful balance of your recovery. All the best. 

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