Columellar strut stable?

I just saw my surgeon 3 months post op. he said everything looks good and that the graft hasn't shifted. I was wondering how secure the graft is at 3 months. am I in the clear? or do I still run the risk of the graft shifting. obviously significant trauma could disrupt any nose. but is my nose as strong as a typical nose?

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Structural grafts of the nose are considered to be stable at 3 months. Most absorbable sutures that are used in open rhinoplasty are fully or mostly resorbed by that time and the scar has gained enough strength around them. 

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Columella strut

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At three months the columella strut should be very stable. Often it is sutured in place at the time of surgery and then scar tissue eventually grows around it.  

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By 3 months if is unlikely that anything will shift out of position and you can return to normal activities. A modern open structure rhinoplasty makes a nose that is as strong or stronger than your orginal nose

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