1 month post op of Breast Augmentation, my left breast is bigger than the right. Will it even out? (photo)

I have a 450cc and a 425 cc implant - silicon unders. I'm currently one month post op today. The left breast (bigger implant) is bigger than the right one obviously. Will both even out essentially or am I stuck with a slightly a larger boob? My next Appt is in 8 days. Staring to bother me now bc I wanted 475cc initially lol.

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1 month post op of Breast Augmentation, my left breast is bigger than the right. Will it even out? (photo)

I do not see this being LOL?? You are slightly asymmetric and only additional volume will correct this... 

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1 month post op of Breast Augmentation, my left breast is bigger than the right. Will it even out? (photo)

Congratulations on your surgery! Your breast shape should continue to change over the next few months so try to be patient and re-evaluate at that time.  I'm assuming that you were slightly asymmetric to start off with and that is why your surgeon used two different sized implants hoping to achieve more symmetry.  Keep in mind that no one is perfectly symmetrical, before or after surgery, but do talk with your surgeon about your concerns and if it continues to bother you in a few months, you can discuss your options at that time.  Best of luck! ac

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Without pre-op photos there is no way to know what they SHOULD look like now since the result is also a reflection of the symmetry or lack of it that you started with. As I tell ALL my patients, "they will never be twins". There will be more change over the next few months and to my eye, they look like they are likely to finish nicely with acceptable symmetry.

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Breast asymmetry 1 month after breast implants

Thank you for your question.  You're very early in recovery and your breasts should continue to equalize over the next 3-4 months.  Of course discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

The fact that you had different sized breast implants placed would suggest that there was an asymmetry preop.  Perfect symmetry between 2 breast is impossible to achieve an some slight variation is different and every human female.


Thanks for your photos. Yes it looks like your right breast is a bit bigger. There is still some sweeling so no need to panic. It would be important to review your before photo as well to see the differences before surgery. You can certainly discuss your concerns with your surgeon. Be calm.

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This looks like a nice result. I am not even sure which side is which (?photo done in a mirror?)

Apparently you were not even before surgery (photos would be helpful), and complete correct of asymmetry is not a realistic expectation. At any rate, by one month your result is not final. If you are right handed, it is likely that the larger pectoral muscle is taking longer than the left one to relax to accommodate the implant, and is therefore flattening out that implant. It can take 3 months, sometimes longer for this to resolve. 

Patience, all the best. 

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Size discrepancy

Your results are good. I still think you probably have some swelling that will come down.   Your breasts will definitely change over next two months. Re-evaluate your size at three months.

Breast Size

It will take further time to evaluate the final results and remember that all women have breasts that are not perfectly symmetrical . Your breast will not have been exactly the same pre op and this is often the reason for differences post op. You should discuss your concerns with your PS

Best wishes

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Breast Augmentation symmetry

I think its too early to fully evaluate the final results of your surgery. I believe it takes at least 6 weeks for most of the swelling to resolve.  Also, you need to evaluate your pictures prior to surgery to see if that mild asymmetry was there prior to surgery.  Still give it some time to heal and evaluate together with your surgeon.

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Breast asymmetry

It is always helpful to look at preop photos and also post-op in similar views. Your left breast does look larger and it is always good to be seen in person to make sure fluid like hematoma or seroma are part of the problem.

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