Can braces/Invisalign fix a canted smile on a 48 year old? (Photo)

Can braces/invisalign fix a canted smile? I have slight skeletal asymmetry (nose, eyes). I had braces as a teen and my teeth have moved considerably since then. Also, can straightening teeth stop the further progression of gum recession on teeth that seem to be tipping inward?

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Orthodontics will work for you!

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Thanks for sending your questions. Based on the images you provided you can be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment using either conventional braces, or invisalign.  Typically the skeletal issues would have to be investigated a bit more carefully, however clear aligner systems can improve the alignment of your teeth significantly as well. The invisalign product can now move more challenging teeth and solve situations like yours in a short amount of time.
Please visit someone in your area with experience using both conventional braces and clear aligners to help guide you more in your decision making.
I am sure your final results will look fantastic.
All the best,

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