Blisters/ discoloration after breast lift (Photo)

It has been 2 weeks since my surgery. Due to difference in size, one breast was augmented while the other was lifted and augmented. The doctor noticed a small opening at the bottom of my nipple on the lifted breast during my follow-up. He placed steri-strips on the vertical incision to take pressure off of the opening. Today, I noticed that the area around the opening looks odd as well as 2 blisters on the skin. Is it possible that the strips caused the blisters? Or could this be infected?

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You have some separation at the base of your areola. Often local wound care is enough to help this heal.  Best to follow the instructions of your surgeon.

Breast lift result

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Your small pink blisters look very typical of small blisters caused by the shear force of a streistrip that is under too much tension. That does not look like infection and should heal easily. However, the skin breakdown that I see in the photos on the underside of the aerola needs very close watching and wound care. Follow your surgeons instructions and continue under close supervision. Good luck.

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