BBL and REMOVAL of current implants a with lift or no lift. (photos)

I have 450-400 cc mentor moderate plus profile implant that i would like taken out and possibly get another lift or just explantation. Originally i had 32d plus breasts after implants and weight gain of 15lbs im now a 34dd to 34ddd. If i removed my implants around what size would i be? And if i were to get another lift would i be even smaller? I want to go back to being a 32d. And also im looking to get a bbl about how many cc would i need to get injected i want upper butt fullness ?

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Implant removal

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Determining a specific cup size after implant removal is tough because cup size and volumes do not always match up. Depending upon how much breast tissue you have sometimes it is better to explant first and delay the lift.

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Explant and Mastopexy + BBL

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I do think removal of implants and lift would look very nice. You already have the incisions on your breast so there will be no need for fresh scars. It is hard to say what size you will be after implant removal. A lift may bring down your cup size a little. You would have to see where you were prior to implants to get an idea of how you would look without implants. You will likely be no smaller than a C cup judging from your photos and implant size you provided.

BBL is fantastic. The best way to do it is to have the liposuction performed on the back of the waist and hip area and move the fat into the buttock. You will get at least 400 cc to each buttock that way, which will probably look great after you heal and the fat settles in.

Good luck!

Michele A. Shermak, MD
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