What should I do with my chipped front tooth? (photos)

My front tooth chipped and I'm wondering if I should file down both my front teeth to make it look good and symmetrical or should I go bond it? And how much would it cost? With or without insurance?

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Tooth repair

I suggest that in your case, taking in account the proportion of your teeth and how much has chipped of the front tooth, you have a composite bonding to fix it. A more permanent and more aesthetic way to get it fixed might be a porcelain veneer. 
Dr. Galvá

Dominican Republic Dentist
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Do not file down both teeth

Filing down both teeth would be a terribly, destructive thing to do and would make your smile look very bad.
The least expensive option would be bonding on the broken tooth. The best long term, more esthetic treatment would be a porcelain veneer.  Treatment which would include an examination and needed x rays could range from 500 to 1600.
Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, Texas area

Chipped Tooth

That is a sizable piece of tooth that is missing!You did not mention how this happened. Was it some type of trauma, or do we have a bite issue?I suggest you see a dentist that  "specializes" in cosmetic dental procedures.Bonding may work short term, but a porcelain veneer or two is in your future.Placing a porcelain veneer on both front teeth will give a much more pleasing appearance.Of coarse, you will want to whiten all your teeth first, or at least while you are in temporaries.The investment you make will be sizable, and vary in different parts of the nation.Insurance should participate in the repair of the fractured tooth.Best of luck.

Charles Briscoe, DDS
La Jolla Dentist

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