Incision Tension Reduction? (Photo)

I underwent a breast lift plus augmentation July 21st (700 HP silicone submuscular). I am exactly 1 week post op. I developed several blisters under my steri strips, and this morning was advised by my surgeon's nurse to remove all strips, which I've now done. Im concerned about reducing the tension on my incisions to help avoid undesireable scarring. I don't see my surgeon for a couple more days. What should I do in the meantime to reduce tension? Also, is bleeding still expected at this point?

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Tape blisters not unusual

this can happen and all will most likely be just fine in a short time. dissolvable sutures under the skin are responsible for reducing tension on the skin surface so don't worry about doing anything more about this either. you should continue to take it easy per your surgeon's instructions to lessen chance of bleeding, especially in the first ten days or so after surgery. sounds like you are being seen this week , so good followup care is surely being provided.....try not to worry and ask your surgeon any questions you have at the next visit. It's a good idea to make a list of questions before the visit so you don't forget anything.

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Steri-strip blisters 7 days after breast lift plus 700cc implants!

Blisters from steri-strips are already a manifestation of excessive tension--shear forces on the epidermis caused by swelling-induced tension. I no longer use steri-strips because of these (common) problems, and have minimal scarring in most of my patients.

Reduced scarring is generally NOT a result of a specific product or tension-reduction device. Rather, scarring is first and foremost a genetic issue that cannot be altered. Secondly, accuracy of closure (surgeon-issue) has a direct bearing on scarring. Third, only silicone scar sheets have been scientifically proven to be of benefit in reducing some cases of scarring, most notably hypertrophic scarring.

There are a number of products that "promise" to reduce scarring, none of which pass the science test. But they generally are not harmful.

Bleeding is another issue entirely, and I would want to determine just what type of bleeding you are talking about. Is this spots of bloody drainage from incompletely-healed incisions? Or more significant drainage from a specific location?

You should contact your surgeon for more advice or a sooner appointment. Though none of this sounds worrisome, you should follow your own surgeon's advice rather than someone who has not evaluated you in person, including his nurse. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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Incision Tension Reduction?

I have to say that you are still early on healing process, it is too soon to determine how your results are going to be, per now, they look very nice and beautiful, you can have one bigger than the other, it is normal and that can happen for the first 3 months until your implants have settle in. Open wounds and scars are also very common in this procedure, and also if it happens, you have to get with your plastic surgeon for cleaned and if it's worse , put stitches on it.I recommend you to wait and keep using your post surgical bra, that will help you with the shape and support… 

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
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Steri Strips

Thank you very much for your message and photograph.I myself as a surgeon do not use steri strips precisely for this problem.The problem with the steri strips is that they are not very stretchy and when applied, as the skin stretches they can cause traction blisters on the skin.
I think your surgeon is right to remove the steri strips and I think it is unlikely that it will have a detrimental effect on the scar in the long term.
It is slightly difficult to see from your picture but it does look as if there is dark tissue on the right of your nipple and it may be helpful to send some more photos showing the area in greater detail to give the panel of surgeons on RealSelf a better idea of the cause of it and to give you an idea as to the best way of getting it to heal.
I hope you are happy with the results of your surgery but as I mentioned, more photographs might be helpful for us to fully assess the area.AR

Adrian Richards, MD
London Plastic Surgeon
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I would suggest following your surgeon's instructions about wound care, and keep all your follow up visits. When the wounds are closed, scab free, and dry, scar products, like Mederma or Scar Guard, can be helpful.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Breast lift and augmentation

I think that you need to discuss specific wound care with your surgeon. Since you are only about a week out from surgery, you are still in the period at risk of a bleed, so you should probably take it easy. Again, speak with your surgeon about his post-op instructions.

Steven Wallach, MD
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