Redness after CO2 laser!! (photo)

I had CO2 laser done a month ago and this is my skin now,it takes me three weeks to change from "red" to "pink" and i think it's getting lighter every day, but when should i expect to get my "normal" white skin again? Thanks

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Post Procedure Redness

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Thank you for your question. Co2 laser is considered by many the gold standard for resurfacing the skin and treating conditions from wrinkling to scars to hyper pigmentation. The major drawback to CO2 laser is exactly what you have mentioned: redness. Unfortunately, the duration of redness is unpredictable. I have had patients with pink skin lasting up to 6 months while others its gone in a couple of weeks. Given your fair complexion you can expect it to last on the slightly longer side, but you can also expect a great result. Overall, I recommend patience as it will get better. But, that being said, you must wear topical sunscreen at all times as to not worsen anything and harm your sensitive new skin. Unprotected sun exposure will exacerbate your complexion. I have had some success with "anti-redness" treatments provided by a number of skincare companies. PCA and Skinceuticals both have great products that may help quicken the recovery. But nothing will make it go away completely besides time.

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