Ballpark Range for Mild Case Invisalign Treatments + Dentist Visit Fees? (photo)

Let's say I researched around town and found you to be the trusted/educated/legitimate professional I would bring my business to for Invisalign treatments. After all is said and done, how much do you estimate I would pay for the actual product AND time/research/education dedicated to my case. I'm not as concerned with the price of the actual Invisalign. My inquiries come with the check up fees that take place through out the process. What would the ballpark range be for this "purchase"

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Fee for Doctors part of Invisalign treatment

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This is really not an easy question to answer...unlike a doctor who works at a hospital, most dentists and orthodontists work at their own office.  The fee you pay for treatment covers everything: cost of appliances (Invisalign), rent, electricity, staff, insurance, phones,etc, etc.  and of course the doctors fee which must cover the cost of his/her education etc. etc. etc.  Most orthodontic and dental offices have overheads that range up to 60% and more.

Orthodontics is a big investment and getting it right is the most important part.  Focus on getting the best doctor, not the cheapest one!

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