Are my breasts tuberous enough to get medicare rebate (Australia)? (photo)

I have always wanted a BA since I can remember, I always thought my breasts were weirdly shaped, but it wasn't until a cosmetic surgeon turned me away because I have tuberous breasts and I need a breast reconstruction. I made multiple calls, the lady told me that the surgeon decides whether my procedure would be for a medical condition or just a cosmetic procedure. Do my breasts look tuberous enough to be classified as a medical condition and get medicare assistance? Many thanks

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Costs for tuberous breast surgery

Costs for tuberous breast surgeryThis may or may not be considered a developmental anomaly . you need to see a plastic surgeon to know if it will be a covered expense in Australia.  It would not be covered in the USWhat are the Medical Problems Associated with Constricted Breasts? The greatest medical problem is psychological. Numerous articles have appeared in magazines and newspapersThe psychosocial improvement with surgery can be enormous even when the results lead to mild improvement. Complete correction is not always possible This breast problem takes a tremendous toll on a young woman’s self –esteem. The condition may affect the ability to breast feed is the breast glands are not adequately developed, but subsequent surgery can also make this problem more difficult.

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Hi.  You are correct that there is an item number for tuberous breasts in Australia.  By the use of your term cosmetic surgeon I gather that you have not seen a qualified plastic surgeon and this is imperative as you are not an easy case.  They will be able to give you the exact answer to your question.  The photos you have taken are not straight on and seem to be looking up so it is difficult to say for certain however I dont think you would qualify for an item number.RegardsDamien

Are my breasts tuberous enough to get medicare rebate (Australia)

Thank you for your question. It appears as though you would require a cosmetic breast augmentation. Perhaps schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Best, 

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