Ball of Fat in my Buttock After Fat Transfer

9 months ago I had a surgery lipo with fat transfer in the buttocks but in one of the buttocks I have two small hard balls of fat that can be that and that way they could disappear .thank you

UPDATE: i was getting ultrasound seccions because the doctor told me that they could disappear with that but it was because I had spent so much time.the problem is that know i ant to make me another procedure which is to put some injections of hyaluronic acid and i would like to know if it could have a problem for fat balls.thank you and waiting for your response

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Brazilian Butt enhancement

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Lumps after Brazilian Butt Enhancement can be FAT NECROSIS, or large deposits of fat.

See you doctor for advise. and treatment.

External sonogram may help soften these lumps and time may help too. Sonogram or MRI of the buttocks may be needed to get a proper diagnosis.Then one can plan a proper plan of treatment. If uncomfortable may need excisional biobsy. Consult your surgeon.

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