Ball of Crusty Tissue Removed After Rhinoplasty

had open rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. day after surgery there was a ball like crusty tissue attached in left nostril. yesterday doc did painful and unpleasant procedure to remove part of it. it feels like large booger. she never said what it is or what i should do. will this resolve on its own?

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Crusts in Nose after Rhinoplasty

Crusts of dried blood or nasal mucous can accumulate after rhinoplasty. Because removal was uncomfortable, your surgeon may have decided to wait until the rest of the crust softens rather than cause additional pain. Ask your surgeon what it is and what will be done.

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Crusting inside your nose will resolve by 3 weeks after your Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Nearly all of my patients develop some crusting inside the front of the nostril after Rhinoplasty Surgery. This is due to accumulated mucous and blood that has dried out. Or it may be crusting from turbinate work, if that was performed.  It can be a bit uncomfortable to remove, but you'll usually breathe better and feel better immediately.

I hope this is helpful for you.

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Ball of crusty tissue removed after rhinoplasty

Most likely a scab or clotted blood. But you should call the surgeon to discuss so you are satisfied. The unknown will drive a patient CRAZY. Information rrom your surgeon alleviates many concerns.

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Post Rhinoplasty Scabbing Inside of the Nose


Crusting and scabbing can form after rhinoplasty in the vestibule of the nose (inside the nose), sometimes resulting in the large dried mass removed from your nose yesterday.  You need not do a thing except keep your fingers out of your nose, and it will hopefully not recur.

Enjoy your new nose and be well.

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