Implant removal over muscle a year ago now considering fat transfer - will it be worth it? (Photos)

Hello, I had a breast implant removal 1 year ago. 280cc over the muscle. 34AA to DD back to an A I am looking to have fat transfer to fill out some of the area where the skin is a little loose. Overall i got a great result from explant. I am 25 with no children, just looking to fill out the area on the upper pole. I would like to put in as much as possible so a good amount survives. Do you think I am a good candidate? And what should i look for in a good surgeon for this procedure?

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Fat transfer breast augmentation

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Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, this would be a suitable procedure for you to undergo. Fat transfer breast augmentation is growing in popularity as it eliminates the need for implants by recycling fat from one part of your body to your breasts to increase their size. It might sound like the ideal boob job - redistributing fat from your belly, legs or bum to the one place that you really want it - your breasts. This is ideal for those who want a natural-looking enlargement without the risks posed by implants like rupturing, leaks and shifting.on Fat transfer breast augmentation has several benefits. It is seen as a safe alternative and it can help in cases where an implant is not necessary. For example it can be great for breast reconstruction if someone has had a Lumpectomy, or for correcting defects like uneven breasts. It’s also a good alternative for women who want a subtle augmentation rather than going up several sizes, plus it has the benefit of not introducing any foreign material into the body. Please go have a consult with a board certified surgeon. Good luck.

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Fat transfer breasts

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the problem is not the breasts. The problem is where the fat comes from. You don't look as if you have much body fat, in order to fill the breast you need a larger amount of fat than you would think. If you create deformities from removing the necessary amount of fat, those deformities might be permanent, and in more visible places. Permanent means forever.

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Fat transfer to breasts post explant of prostheses

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Hi. You appear to be a suitable candidate for fat transfers to the breasts. The main issue with fat transfers is the long term viability of the grafted fat - there are a variety of methods in common usage to try to maximise graft "take" but when all is said and done, it is not entirely predictable, and you can expect a portion of the grafted fat to resorb. As such, you would need to know that you may desire a second surgery to add more fat to that which persisted after the first procedure. You may not require any subsequent touch ups, but no-one can guarantee this. Look for a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast surgery and fat grafting. Good luck.

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