I had 8 new veneers a few months ago - Do I need to continue wearing my nightguard?

A few months ago I had 8 porcelain veneers placed on my upper teeth. When I first had them done they felt large and unusual in my mouth and as a result one chipped in my sleep within the first week. I then got a nightguard made and wore it for the next couple months. Now to me it feels large and uncomfortable and I find it actually causes me to clench my teeth. I have slept without it no problem and want to know if it's safe to not use it anymore. I was not previously a grinder or clencher.

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Wear your nightguard to protect your #veneers #DrSoftTouch

I would recommend that you continue wearing your nightguard unless your dentist instructs otherwise. If you are grinding at night, there is a possibility that you could chip more of your veneers. Protect your investment by wearing your nightguard every night. If you feel that your nightguard is too bulky, see you dentist to have a thinner, more comfortable nightguard made. I hope this helps. Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Yes, it is essential to keep you from breaking more veneers

All patients with veneers should wear a night guard to prevent breaking them. Think of a Night Guard as you would shock absorbers for your car. If you bought a brand new set of tires and you did not have good shock absorbers, the tires would wear out in a very short period of time. The night guard helps prevent wear and breakage of your teeth and veneers. It is essential that you use your night guard every night not just a few nights a week. You made an investment in the veneers and you need to protect them.

A high percentage of people clinch and grind their teeth every night and are not even aware of it. You probably fall into that high percentage since you've already broken a veneer off of your tooth.

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New Veneers

Based on the fact that you chipped your new veneer in such a short time, it is possible that the length of the teeth don't support the comfortable space that you have to move your jaw freely. Also it may be  that due to the trauma of the clinching/grinding the chip had occurred. Regardless if you feel that the night guard is too bulky you can have your provider make a night guard which is thinner and  more comfortable to wear. If you are grinding at night there is possibility of more chipping of your new restorations.

Its typically recommended to examine the bite, prior to making a decision on the new lengths of the veneers in order to prevent situation likes this from occurring. At times simple adjustments to your current bite may help allow more comfortable lateral movements of your jaw, thereby allowing less contact on the veneers and minimizing future chipping.

Discuss the above with your provider and he/she can help you further.

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