How to deal with the emotional aspect after a tummy tuck and breast reduction? (Photo)

I'm going to be getting a tummy tuck and a breast reduction all in one and I'm worried about the emotional aspect of it, how bad will it be ? What are some things that can prevent feeling emotional and not myself after surgery ? I have had Lipo suction on my arms and during recovery I felt very emotional and its worring me because I already deal with depression and anxiety .

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Emotions after surgery are normal

Everyone has some degree of emotional lability after surgery.  Some of it is normal hormonal response, some of it is the medications.  Remind your doctor.

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Emotional Issues Surrounding Breast & Tummy Contouring

You are correct to recognize that you may experience emotional issues surrounding body altering procedures.  The best thing is that you already realize that those important concerns are possible.  You mentioned that you already deal with depression and anxiety, so you already have a physician who helps you in this area.  Discuss you plans with him or her, ask if they think you are a good candidate at the present time, and anticipate continuing their care following your tummy tuck and reduction.  Let you plastic surgeon contact your mental health physician to coordinate care for you.  Properly executed surgery can give you both physical and emotional benefits that last for a long time.

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